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Pupils (Thaïland, 1986)
Beside charity, it has been surging for some years an interest and demand from a new generation of wealthy people and also institutions to engage more actively in the processing of development with underprivileged populations and achieve poverty alleviation.

Some 50 years of development aid since the decolonisation’s era have outlined two main failures :

  • too much charity actions have been unable to deliver long-lasting results in the field due to a bad appraisal of the real needs in the local community
  • a lack of local governance and appropriation of the undertaken development aid projects has not allowed a large part of them to survive due to poor involvement of the local actors, as from the start of the process

There is today a growing consensus that development is strongly correlated to local leadership and capacity to generate employment. In other words, doing charity without building capacities and creating job does not help.

The question is : HOW to CREATE VALUE ?
The answer is : with transferring knowledge and sharing the efforts (and risks also) : fund providers are ready to help if they can see a tangible result. They are even more ready to engage on long-term, if they can expect getting their capital back at the end … and putting it once again in a next venture.

Direct investing in local income-generating activities that get a measurable social / environmental impact – job creation, women empowerment, preservation of land-use, … – is a new way of supporting a sustainable development.

This approach can apply in any places, i.e. not exclusively in the developing world but at a larger worldwide scale.

… to investing

The « PEERS direct investment » registered trademark was created by Xavier Heude in 2011, after having stated for many years, that there are still quite few incentives and operational frameworks and guidelines allowing and encouraging a large public to invest in socially responsible business activities or to support valuable social initiatives.

A socially responsible behavior needs to be widely promoted among everybody around the world.
On top of this, the « PEERS direct investment » registered trademark aims at extending the SRI (Social and Responsible Investment) experience.