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Xavier Heude
Xavier Heude founded the “PEERS Direct Investment” – registered trademark in 2011, with the ambition on the long run to get it known worldwide. A long way is still to go… A network is being built, in order to contribute to expand the mark.
Xavier Heude is specialised both in Project management, and Sustainable finance including SRI (socially responsible investment), microfinance and philanthropy.
He is co-leader of meso IMPACT Finance, an investment vehicule.
He has completed his educational curriculum in Management with a Master in “Ecological Economics and Sustainable Development Policy”. His research paper was : “Towards a definition of a responsible investment ». He has 18 years successful background in the banking area. He is strongly involved in the NGO community, being project manager and member of the board of several structures.
“Global Social Business Summit”, Vienna (Austria) – November 2012
Interview by WHATCHADO about meso IMPACT Finance

From 2012

Xavier Heude has been entirely dedicated to the development of Responsible Finance by the mean of promoting Impact Investing, mainly. He is convinced that Private and Institutional investors are growingly interested in putting some part of their money in business activities or projects where they can themselves follow up the financial performance, and last but not least, the social and environmental outcomes generated.
He is Co-founder of meso IMPACT Finance, a Luxembourg-based holding company aimed at taking stakes in SMEs that generate a social and environmental (measurable) impact. MIF helps them develop through a financial and extra-financial support (i.e. technical assistance).
He is also Délégué Général of SAKURA Initiative, a Luxembourg-based non-profit organisation promoting social and responsible practices in the economic and financial sector, through various means such as conferences and communication.

From 2007 to 2011

He held the position of CSR Officer (Corporate Social Responsibility) in the 4th largest bank in Luxembourg with playing a role of advocacy on Sustainability both internally (getting the Private Bankers aware of the opportunities existing in Socially Responsible Investment) and externally (representing the bank in professional associations, organising conferences, writing articles …).
In 2009, he set up inside the bank, the first (long-term run) EVP – Employee Volunteering Programme ever launched in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, with the participation of up to 20 volunteers (2 % of total staff), bringing their professional experience to help a microfinance programme transform into a Microfinance Institution (MFI) to be regulated under the banking law (still in progress).

From 1998 to 2007

Xavier worked as a Project Manager in the industrial and banking areas throughout Western-Europe with a strong exposure on the development and implementation of customised efficiency and performance programs (tailor-made solutions) that generate measurable results.

He initiated his career in 1992

With working 6 years in France, as a Corporate Relationship Manager in a large banking institution, where he was in charge of business development (clients retention and acquisition) of a SMEs portfolio. He has always considered this experience as being a very good starting point, owing to the large array of duties to perform : examine corporate credit requests, advise and sell financial services (including negotiation of the banking operations terms).
Alongside his job, Xavier has been since 2003 strongly involved in the Luxembourg-based community of NGOs, holding mandates in several key-organisations and being familiar with the EU “logical framework” used for the set-up and follow-up of development aid projects.

yunn an province, china
Xavier holds 2 Masters :
– the first one in Business management (1990) ;
– the second one in Ecological Economics and Sustainable Development Policy (2005).