Qualifying philanthropy as the art of giving requires explanation on what is giving

  In some cases, the approach should be inspired from the strategy of private equity. Redefine what giving is If we refer to the definition of philanthropy, the prominent idea is the unlimited way to make it a reality. Some authors speak about a “private initiatives for the public good” (John W. Gardner), a “voluntary.. read more →

Does development aid reinforce peace ?

An experience of community development among ethnic minorities thanks to responsible microfinance. It was the topic of the conference I hold in Schengen, Luxemburg on the 29th May, as part of the World Peace Forum organised by the Schengen Peace Foundation. Development : a right or a condition ? The concept of development raises itself.. read more →

New calls for ethics and integrity : some useful definitions…

Under the initiative of TIGFI, Luxembourg Institute for Global Financial Integrity, a mini-conference conducted by Erny Gillen took place on the 27th April on the theme “Developing an Ethical Model in Finance”. Father Erny Gillen is Executive President of Caritas Luxembourg and President of Caritas Europe. Among the attendees were people from any business sectors.. read more →

Implementing professional guidelines in MFIs : an example with the Chi-Em project

During the ALFI-Microfinance conference on the 25th March in Luxembourg, it was stressed on the sophistication of management, as one o the 5 trends in this industry. The management scale-up is often assisted by technical assistance program raised either by DFIs (development financial institutions) or by NGOs, such as those I have launched in collaboration.. read more →

The ALFI-Microfinance conference 2010 (Luxembourg) : a very intensive and successfull meeting between all the players of the industry

The Microfinance Conference that took place on 25th March, was organised by the ALFI – Association of Luxembourg Fund Industry. It has been the second event in Luxembourg dedicated in priority to the financial players since the first one hold in 2005. One attraction of this conference was the large spectrum of speakers, going from.. read more →