Financial inclusion and SME financing in the Philippines

On December 6th, a conference was held at the initiative of meso IMPACT Finance, for the release of a study on the contribution of the financial services and the agricultural sector to the inclusive growth in the Philippines.   What does inclusion mean ? This means bringing the capacity to get persons out of poverty.. read more →

Reflections around the concept of “Sustainability 3.0” …

I came across a very interesting article on the blog of Vivian Partnership, a consultancy firm specialized in sustainable development. This article, dated January, 2014 introduces the concept of “Sustainability 3.0” … referring to “Web 2.0 coined in 1999 to define the interactive, social web we have today rather than the static content presentation of.. read more →

What will be the new drivers for happiness tomorrow ?

I recently attended a conference whose subject was : « Social responsibility of firms : a new paradigm ? ». This question is to put in perspective with what could be expected (rather hoped) from the technological innovation.               What’s new in the ecosystem ? The world economic environment.. read more →

Remuneration : how to address fairness, social peace and political stability ?

    I recently attended a conference from the Sacred Heart University (John F. Welch College of business) in Luxembourg whose title was : “Is income distribution a problem ? Should manager remuneration be capped ?” . (1) Just 1 % of the world’s population controls nearly 50 % of the planet’s wealth, according to.. read more →

Can gamification save the world ? (2)

In a first article in this series related to the gaming sector, we showcased an example of game addressing the environment protection. According to different surveys, it seems to be possible to raise public awareness through unconventional ways and methods like game or theater.       While we are more and more aware that.. read more →