Building contributors in society …

During an IBCL conference (Indian Business Chamber of Luxembourg) held in Luxembourg, I met a shareholder of an interesting education program called the “i-become initiative”. It is based on the fact that the society need more people who are conscious of their contribution in educational institutions, in governments and public organisations, and in corporations. Let.. read more →

“You’ve got value, but I’ve got values”

I attended a conference titled “Clashing philosophies : shareholder value vs. stakeholder value” in Luxembourg. That’s the sort of topic I like much … What made this conference very exciting was the confrontation between two quite opposite academic views about shareholders claims in business. It started with a depicting picture of the shareholder maximization by.. read more →

Investing with values : which ones ?

Investing with sense and responsibility has ever been possible. It’s just a question of willing to do it and make it properly. Islamic finance has been drawing much attention in the Western countries over a couple of years. I see two mean reasons for it : it results in a better segmentation of banking services,.. read more →

New calls for ethics and integrity : some useful definitions…

Under the initiative of TIGFI, Luxembourg Institute for Global Financial Integrity, a mini-conference conducted by Erny Gillen took place on the 27th April on the theme “Developing an Ethical Model in Finance”. Father Erny Gillen is Executive President of Caritas Luxembourg and President of Caritas Europe. Among the attendees were people from any business sectors.. read more →