5 reasons to invest with making a positive impact on the society

Over the last decades we have seen an ever-growing number of consumers paying more attention about what they eat (organic products, meals made of natural ingredients), because we have (re-)discovered the impact of good food on our health. Food is deemed as a precious capital for the human being. But what about a more regular.. read more →

Strengthening Luxembourg as a center of excellence in impact finance

    No doubt that Luxembourg has been for a quite long time recognized as a place for the microfinance fund industry. But what about the nascent impact investing sector ?     Competition in view in the impact investing industry Luxembourg is a a leading centre for the domiciliation of MIVs (Microfinance Investment Vehicules) : – approximately.. read more →

Time is your best friend, when looking for positive impact with your money

Some months ago, I came across a great discussion in an “Impact Investing” group on LinkedIn, about strategies of exit from investments in social or impact businesses. I have selected the most relevant extracts and thoughts (*).         INTRODUCTION The community of investors lacks experience as few among them have been exposed.. read more →

Innovating with sustainable direct investing : the case of “meso IMPACT Finance”

Today, prosperity has to go hand in hand with sustainability. That’s the vision shared by meso IMPACT Finance, a Luxembourg-based investment vehicule. Insights into the conceptual basement backing the business strategy.         An innovation in the Luxembourg financial industry Human being and Earth are our most important assets. With increasing poverty and.. read more →

SRI or Impact Investing : it’s time to leave concepts behind and implement !

“Is there evidence that Impact Investing actually makes an impact” ? It was a question recently raised in a discussion. It must be clarified what Impact Investing is. When browsing throughout blogs and forums on the web about this topic, you may be astonished with the great deal of definitions and interpretation there are. A.. read more →