“Poverty is the name of the game”

“Poverty is the name of the game …” … dixit Damian von Stauffenberg, founder and CEO of Microrate, Washington, one of the leading microfinance rating agencies. Kimanthi Mutua, President of the AMTF (African Microfinance Transparency Forum), Nairobi, describes the microfinance’s stake with other words : he outlines the permanent tension existing between financial return and.. read more →

The Indian microfinance crackdown

Many reasons lie behind the current crisis of the Indian microfinance market. Among them, 4 heterogeneous factors emerge as the key-triggers of the widest systemic incident ever experienced in this relatively young industry. There has been an abundant literature on the crackdown of the microfinance sector in India that has been surged since 2009 with.. read more →

Beyond microfinance (2) : getting out of the Stone Age

“Nobody will have the ‘monopoly’ on microfinance and the term might eventually disappear”, according to Stefan Platteau (MicroNet) and Hedwig Siewertsen (Tridos Facet) in a very good essay of prospective called ‘Trends in microfinance 2010 – 2015” issued last year. Act local … think local The authors outline an increased integration in the mainstream financial.. read more →

Can MFIs grow up without forgetting their roots ?

It was recently announced the IPO of SKS, India’s largest microfinance company (by value of outstanding loans, the number of borrowers and number of branches) backed by Sequoia Capital and George Soros. The SKS main features are impressive : 5,3 million customers and 20.000 employees. It is the world’s fastest- growing microfinance organization and it.. read more →

Implementing professional guidelines in MFIs : an example with the Chi-Em project

During the ALFI-Microfinance conference on the 25th March in Luxembourg, it was stressed on the sophistication of management, as one o the 5 trends in this industry. The management scale-up is often assisted by technical assistance program raised either by DFIs (development financial institutions) or by NGOs, such as those I have launched in collaboration.. read more →