The ALFI-Microfinance conference 2010 (Luxembourg) : a very intensive and successfull meeting between all the players of the industry

The Microfinance Conference that took place on 25th March, was organised by the ALFI – Association of Luxembourg Fund Industry. It has been the second event in Luxembourg dedicated in priority to the financial players since the first one hold in 2005. One attraction of this conference was the large spectrum of speakers, going from.. read more →

Beyond microfinance (1)

Some prospective thoughts about the future in microfinance… I would dare to say that microfinance is almost over … The concept of granting microcredits and installing some facilities in getting basic financial operations such as cash deposit or payment via mobile phone accessible to the poorest has proven to be widely “implementable” everywhere. And now,.. read more →

The need to revisit microfinance

As part of my activities among the NGO community in Luxembourg, I had the chance to invite Franck Renaudin, founder and executive director of the French microfinance operator “Entrepreneurs du Monde“. The NGO “Entrepreneurs du Monde” qualify themselves as an incubator of MFIs (Microfinance Institution). They provide the “seed capital” and the technical assistance required.. read more →