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5 reasons to invest with making a positive impact on the society

Over the last decades we have seen an ever-growing number of consumers paying more attention about what they eat (organic products, meals made of natural ingredients), because we have (re-)discovered the impact of good food on our health. Food is deemed as a precious capital for the human being. But what about a more regular.. read more →

Should we teach social innovation and social entrepreneurship ?

Educational and vocational training in relation with social business is flourishing everywhere. Is it a good news ? Are we getting back to the reality ? Not so obvious …   The classical theories of management remain the basics of any respectful educational curriculum of future business leaders. Can this be overcome by the emerging.. read more →

Social business in the Philippines (3) : financing the “missing middle”

We continue our series with the case of a Manila-based finance company I recently visited whose mission is to fill the gap between microfinance and conventional banking. This company is worth being mentioned as actors working in what I call the “grey zone” are put under the spotlight.           The finance.. read more →

Funding the SMEs in the Philippines : a true challenge to support an economic (and sustainable) development

SMEs’ access to funding is not only a hot issue in the hold economies, as it has been the case in the EU for instance, as an aftermath of the financial crisis. Small entrepreneurs in emerging countries are facing similar obstacles to grow their activities.         The Filipino SMEs’ market Despite a.. read more →

Strengthening Luxembourg as a center of excellence in impact finance

    No doubt that Luxembourg has been for a quite long time recognized as a place for the microfinance fund industry. But what about the nascent impact investing sector ?     Competition in view in the impact investing industry Luxembourg is a a leading centre for the domiciliation of MIVs (Microfinance Investment Vehicules) : – approximately.. read more →