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Building contributors in society …

During an IBCL conference (Indian Business Chamber of Luxembourg) held in Luxembourg, I met a shareholder of an interesting education program called the “i-become initiative”. It is based on the fact that the society need more people who are conscious of their contribution in educational institutions, in governments and public organisations, and in corporations. Let.. read more →

Social innovation … or social behavior rather ?

A few months ago, I stumbled on a recent issue about Social Innovation (dated Nov. 2012), that provides a good outlook on this nascent topic, which is right in the wave of the burgeoning segment of social economy. I consider this document as a good starting point to get familiar with the scope of social.. read more →

Social business in the Philippines (2) : taking stake in the microfinance industry

Crowd-funding has emerged as a new (and successful) way to reach unknown people and collect (sometimes) considerable amount of money within a very quick period of time. This trend is obviously intrinsically linked with the information technologies which have resulted in an unbelievable ultra-connectivity between continents and their inhabitants. Even if roughly half of the.. read more →

Time is your best friend, when looking for positive impact with your money

Some months ago, I came across a great discussion in an “Impact Investing” group on LinkedIn, about strategies of exit from investments in social or impact businesses. I have selected the most relevant extracts and thoughts (*).         INTRODUCTION The community of investors lacks experience as few among them have been exposed.. read more →

The future we (didn’t yet dare to) want

I came across an interesting study from Deloitte (one of the Big 4) some weeks ago … that could be piled in among the already numerous archived documents (including also videos and movies – remember for instance “An inconvenient truth” from Al Gore), working papers, etc … that have predicted a sad future for the.. read more →

28 Feb 2013
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