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Sustainable Development, Corporate Social Responsibility, etc … what’s the next step ?

The concepts of “sustainable development” and “corporate social responsibility” have become very popular topics over the last decade. Almost everybody has heard and sometimes been exposed to these concepts, be it on their workplace or at home. These topics are used to being discussed through the media and conferences. The CSOs (Civil Society Organisations) are.. read more →

Innovating with sustainable direct investing : the case of “meso IMPACT Finance”

Today, prosperity has to go hand in hand with sustainability. That’s the vision shared by meso IMPACT Finance, a Luxembourg-based investment vehicule. Insights into the conceptual basement backing the business strategy.         An innovation in the Luxembourg financial industry Human being and Earth are our most important assets. With increasing poverty and.. read more →

Social business : success is still to prove

As part of my professional activities, I attended the Global Social Business Summit on the 8th and 9th November in Vienna, Austria. Such event gives the opportunity in a very short period of time to assess the global trends and the positions of the economic actors regarding the overall social issues the world is facing... read more →

Playing for the social and environmental cause (1) : what’s new in the gaming industry ?

Some months ago, I came across a gaming start-up company recently established in Luxembourg to develop social and environmental games. Alongside its financial center, Luxembourg has become for a few years a place of choice in the ICT and biomedical sector mainly, owing to an attractive legal framework for intellectual property (management of patents and.. read more →

CSR : it’s also a question of personal behavior

The topic of the CSR roundtable I attend on September 13th, in Luxembourg, was how to adapt the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) model to any size of companies ? CSR too often relates to large companies : symposiums and forums addressing the challenge of CSR are used to showcasing the best practices of multinationals. National.. read more →

29 Sep 2012
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