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Social business in the Philippines (1) : the case with buffalos in the milk line

As part of my recent business trip in the Philippines, I visited a pilot project of buffalo husbandry aimed at producing milk. This project has been run for 2 decades around. Carabaos (the main subspecy of domesticated buffalos in the Philippines or “Kalabaw” in Filipino) are as common as cows in Europe, except that they.. read more →

SRI or Impact Investing : it’s time to leave concepts behind and implement !

“Is there evidence that Impact Investing actually makes an impact” ? It was a question recently raised in a discussion. It must be clarified what Impact Investing is. When browsing throughout blogs and forums on the web about this topic, you may be astonished with the great deal of definitions and interpretation there are. A.. read more →

Private Equity insights in the context of the EU economy

Being exposed to the Impact Investing case with various projects under analysis, I attended a conference on Private Equity in Luxembourg, with the ultimate intention to discover the actors of this sector in the Grand-Duchy. The community of the Private Equity and Venture Capital is quite small, but it must be measured with respect to.. read more →

Responsible Investing : present situation

The annual ALFI conference on « Responsible Investing » was held on the 8th May in Luxembourg. A premium meeting point between professionals, but also researchers or any other actors pushing responsibility in front of the scene. We report below the highlights of this event. Insight into Investors’ Needs It was the topic of the first panel.. read more →

Even philanthropy should be ruled under governance principles

Can you imagine a multi-billionnaire business-man giving out his fortune without any compensation ? I took a little bit time over last week to read a very interesting article tilted “Dark side of giving : the rise of philanthro-capitalism”, from Naren Karunakaran, ET Bureau, Mar 25,2011. Most of the blow is about the Bill &.. read more →