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Euro crisis : more questions than answers…

The Sacred Heart University, Luxembourg has reorganised a second round of discussions on the Euro crisis, during a conference held on 12th January, I attended. The topic is today once again very sensitive, as the EU states are still in tough negotiation what concerns the bail-out of Greece. During this conference, the focus was particularly.. read more →

A Peace Building certificate to label sustainable investments ?

When preparing today the conference organised by IBCL (Indian Business Chamber of Luxembourg) and to be held tomorrow in Luxembourg on the topic “Finance brings sustainable Peace” … I was thinking on a new kind on financial product to invent : the Peace Building certificate as it exists the Carbon Emission certificate. Investing in Peace.. read more →

How to define a social enterprise ?

The 2nd Forum on the Social Economy (*), organised by the department “Economie sociale” of the ministry “Economie et Commerce Extérieur” was held in Luxembourg on the 24th november. It is to outline the Luxembourg government’s policy and efforts in opening the debate with the opinion on how to move forward and at the end,.. read more →

Does the private banking sector really look after the client demand ?

I attended yesterday a luncheon organised by Amcham (the American Chamber of Commerce in Luxembourg) where a CEO of a large Luxembourg-based foreign bank exposed his view on the on-going “Paradigm Shift in Wealth Management”. In a 20 to 30 min. speech, he explained why a paradigm shift is necessary in the banking industry. He.. read more →

Euro : when governance is missing…

“The Euro : Pride and Prejudice” is the name of a captivating conference held in Luxembourg on the 2nd November with 3 invited speakers : Dr. Jacques Santer, former Prime Minister and President of the European Commission ; Dr Thanoas Skouras, Professor of Economics ; Athens University, Dr. Alfred Steinherr, Academic Director, Sacred Heart University.. read more →