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“You’ve got value, but I’ve got values”

I attended a conference titled “Clashing philosophies : shareholder value vs. stakeholder value” in Luxembourg. That’s the sort of topic I like much … What made this conference very exciting was the confrontation between two quite opposite academic views about shareholders claims in business. It started with a depicting picture of the shareholder maximization by.. read more →

Technical assistance & knowledge transfer : status of 2 years experience in sustainable business development

  In 2009 started the first wide-sized Employee Volunteering Programme (EVP) supporting a microfinance project, ever launched in Luxembourg. The success of this on-going experience lies in the dynamic coming from several actors having provided together their respective contribution with the common objective to set up responsible microfinance services (ranging from credit and saving to.. read more →

3 basic rules to prevent and address business failures

In an interesting article titled “Business success: Why we need to fail more gracefully” from 5th July 2011, Mallen Backer (*) questions the way mistakes are dealt in the business area, while doing comparison with sport where the failure is seen as an opportunity to challenge oneself and make further progress. He recalls that mistakes.. read more →

Comité de Soutien de la Microfinance : towards a global and concrete approach of sustainability

The “Comité de Soutien de la Microfinance” was founded as an asbl (*) in 2007 in Luxembourg. Conference of the 21th June, Luxembourg Invited by the Comité de Soutien de la Microfinance, the non-profit-making organization Harambee France held on the 21th June a conference in Luxembourg dealing with a key-aspect of the development : training.. read more →

Development is not a matter of business

A friend of me has lent me the book « The fortune at the bottom of the pyramid » [1], as he thought it might provide some answers to my on-going reflections on how to launch the virtuous cycle of material prosperity among the poor. When reading through this book published by the Wharton School.. read more →