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Put your money where it really worths…

  “Given that much of the blame for the recent crisis has been put on the financial sector, the crisis has also been perceived as a crisis of ethics for this sector. Socially-responsible investment is therefore increasingly at the heart of investors concerns on the long-term sustainability of their investment”. Jacques Santer *, former Luxembourg.. read more →

Beyond microfinance (3) : supporting the entrepreneurship

We opened the series “Beyond microfinance” on the 23th March 2010 with questioning whether granting a loan to a poor does really put him up to a better and safer living standard. In other words, does microfinance fit for sustaining economic growth ? This might come up to a disappointed hope among the public who.. read more →

“Poverty is the name of the game”

“Poverty is the name of the game …” … dixit Damian von Stauffenberg, founder and CEO of Microrate, Washington, one of the leading microfinance rating agencies. Kimanthi Mutua, President of the AMTF (African Microfinance Transparency Forum), Nairobi, describes the microfinance’s stake with other words : he outlines the permanent tension existing between financial return and.. read more →

The Indian microfinance crackdown

Many reasons lie behind the current crisis of the Indian microfinance market. Among them, 4 heterogeneous factors emerge as the key-triggers of the widest systemic incident ever experienced in this relatively young industry. There has been an abundant literature on the crackdown of the microfinance sector in India that has been surged since 2009 with.. read more →

Investing with values : which ones ?

Investing with sense and responsibility has ever been possible. It’s just a question of willing to do it and make it properly. Islamic finance has been drawing much attention in the Western countries over a couple of years. I see two mean reasons for it : it results in a better segmentation of banking services,.. read more →