Micro loans - Direct Investment


Why a label ?

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A label only makes sense when it answers a demand from the market.

The « PEERS direct investment » – Label addresses the challenge of sustainability in a much wider definition, than it is used to being understood. It includes the basic question of how to secure the human being ?



There is today a growing consensus that economic and social sustainability depends on the capacity of the organisation (profit and non-profit) to prevent social and environmental amenities. Coming up to investment, it means that the expected financial return should not be detrimental to the social and environmental impact throughout the entire value-chain.
But it might prove to overlook the true question on how the secure the human being.


The “PEERS Direct Investment” – Label innovates

with introducing new criteria to assess the contribution of the organisation to the humanity.

Apart from the “Social” and “Green” values … “Engagement” (i.e. writing down a clear vision & mission and communicate it inside/outside your organization) and “Education” (i.e. personal development of your staff, including human safety) are the further components of sustainability. These last 2 dimensions are used to being more or less embedded in the “Social” aspect, but not systematically.

The need to engage at personal level in making the world more sustainable (i.e. building peaceful conditions of living) is becoming undisputable.


Objective of the “PEERS Direct Investment” – Label

The Label is encouraging any initiatives from actors – companies, CSOs (Civil Society Organisations), etc … – being involved in the support and development of activities that deliver sustainable solutions.