Micro loans - Direct Investment


Working session in Hanoi - Vietnam - 2009


History …

The “PEERS Direct Investment” concept was initially experimented with the development of a specific methodology that aims at providing an analytical framework for Impact Investing. Such approach meets the interest of any institutional investors (green funds, SRI funds, etc …) who are supporting the social and responsible business sector to grow up, worldwide.

The methodology has been made up of :

  • an appraisal check-list that is used to process the screening of valuable projects likely to deliver a significant social / environmental outcome
  • a scoring system providing a note to the projects screened
  • a monitoring toolbox that is used to follow up progress of the projects being financially or technically supported


Building a longstanding partnership

This approach has been entirely oriented on how to set up a constructive dialogue with the counterparties in order to reach a common and unique objective :

How to develop economic activities being socially and environmentally sustainable, resulting in better livelihood, education and future for the beneficiaries ?