Micro loans - Direct Investment

“PEERS direct investment” can establish partnership with every actor whose mission is socializing and reinforcing ties between people and communities.

SAKURA Initiative
is a Luxembourg-based non-profit organisation promoting social and responsible practices in the economic and social sector.

sakura initiative

The two main areas of intervention of SAKURA Initiative are :

1. a technical and financial support to economic initiatives or social/educational activities generating a measurable social / environmental return

2. the communication on projects, best practices, lessons learned in the field, … by the mean of events such as articles, conferences or workshops.

Additionally, SAKURA Initiative promotes social and responsible behaviour in the economic sector combined with the transmission of human values in education.

is an inventive platform with short videos of hundreds of people from everywhere in the world who tell about their jobs and inspirations.

Do what you love and you will eventually find or even create the job that fulfills you”, that could be their motto.
Listening to people’s stories and opening new perspectives to the users is a great way for personal growth.

WHATCHADO is not exclusive to celebrities like Muhammad Yunus, the famous Peace Nobel Prize involved in microfinance or politicians.
WHATCHADO captures testimony of everybody being passionate about what he does. Some kind of giant mirror of the word’s diversity !

meso IMPACT Finance
is a financial company taking stakes in SMEs generating a blended return, composed of a social / environmental performance along with a good perspective of profit.

meso IMPACT Finance
Investment focus are sectors such as agriculture, clean energies and industrial processes, etc …

The direct contact with the business owners, as well as the follow-up and monitoring (technical assistance when required) of the investee companies are the basement of the business-model.

ILLUMINE / i-become
are scalable, high-quality educational, training and coaching solutions that lead to personal, community and organizational transformation.


ILLUMINE was founded in 1998 in Mumbai (India) as an independent and privately owned research lab.
Staff is currently 30 people amongst which are engineers, mathematicians, education scientists, anthropologists and architects.