What will be the new drivers for happiness tomorrow ?

I recently attended a conference whose subject was : « Social responsibility of firms : a new paradigm ? ». This question is to put in perspective with what could be expected (rather hoped) from the technological innovation.               What’s new in the ecosystem ? The world economic environment.. read more →

Should we teach social innovation and social entrepreneurship ?

Educational and vocational training in relation with social business is flourishing everywhere. Is it a good news ? Are we getting back to the reality ? Not so obvious …   The classical theories of management remain the basics of any respectful educational curriculum of future business leaders. Can this be overcome by the emerging.. read more →

Time is your best friend, when looking for positive impact with your money

Some months ago, I came across a great discussion in an “Impact Investing” group on LinkedIn, about strategies of exit from investments in social or impact businesses. I have selected the most relevant extracts and thoughts (*).         INTRODUCTION The community of investors lacks experience as few among them have been exposed.. read more →