Should we teach social innovation and social entrepreneurship ?

Educational and vocational training in relation with social business is flourishing everywhere. Is it a good news ? Are we getting back to the reality ? Not so obvious …   The classical theories of management remain the basics of any respectful educational curriculum of future business leaders. Can this be overcome by the emerging.. read more →

Social innovation … or social behavior rather ?

A few months ago, I stumbled on a recent issue about Social Innovation (dated Nov. 2012), that provides a good outlook on this nascent topic, which is right in the wave of the burgeoning segment of social economy. I consider this document as a good starting point to get familiar with the scope of social.. read more →

How to define a social enterprise ?

The 2nd Forum on the Social Economy (*), organised by the department “Economie sociale” of the ministry “Economie et Commerce Extérieur” was held in Luxembourg on the 24th november. It is to outline the Luxembourg government’s policy and efforts in opening the debate with the opinion on how to move forward and at the end,.. read more →